Our organization serves the counties of Adams, Brown, Cass, Morgan, Pike, Schuyler, and Scott. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth-mentoring non-profit service organization that provides ongoing supportive services to children in need of a mentor. Volunteers are recruited from within the community and are fully-screened by our professional staff members. The interests, needs, and personalities of the children and volunteers are considered in making the best one-on-one (adult/child) match possible. After a match is created, extensive supervision and support are provided on an ongoing basis to ensure the success of a match.

One-To-One Match

Volunteers who agree to spend time each week with a child. Our One-To-One program matches volunteers 18 years or older with a boy or girl from our "Ready to Be Matched" list. It's as easy as one hour per week. The volunteer meets with their Little on a weekly basis for a commitment of at least one year.

Lunch Buddy Match

Lunch buddy matches are simple, fun, and can make a BIG impact on the life of a child! Visit your Little once a week at school for lunch, and we guarantee it will change your life.

Couples Match

A husband and wife are matched with a child from our "Ready to Be Matched" list. They meet weekly with their Little either together or separately in the community.

Sunday Shepherds

Become a Big Brother or Big Sister by taking a Little to church with you on Sunday and then spending a little time after church with him/her. This is an ideal program for families, couples, or individuals looking to interact with a child by sharing how important religious instruction is to them.

Bleacher Buddies

Share your love of sports with a child by taking him/her to the games you are already attending. Become a Big Brother or Big Sisters in this program and help your Little understand the rules of the game, sportsmanship, and school spirit.

Participate one-on-one with a Little at a supervised after-school program in the grade schools or another site-based location. Site-based volunteers can help with homework, play games, participate in after-school activities, or just spend time visiting with their matched Little. Site-based volunteers must be at least 15 years old.

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