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Paying It Forward

James (left), Matt (center), and Jeffrey (right)

James (left), Matt (center), and Jeffrey (right)

How long have you been a Big?

Matt: I have been a Big since the spring of 2016.

Why did you choose to be a Big?

Matt: I chose to become a Big because I remember how rough or awkward my middle school years could be. It helped having an older student to look up to.

What have been a few highlights of being a Big?

Matt: The extreme games of Uno have been a highlight, but hearing a Little say how Monday mornings are the highlight of their week.

How has your relationship with your Littles changed you? How has it changed them?

Matt: I enjoy the beginning of my week and gain respect for my younger peers.

In regards to their Big, Matt, Jeffrey and James had this to say:

Jeffery said that he likes having someone to talk to and hang out with. James said Matt is a great person to be around and it’s fun getting to hang out with him.