Being a Role Model

How long have you been a Big?

Keaton: I’ve been in Big Brothers Big Sisters for two years now. I started my junior year.

Why did you choose to be a Big?

Keaton: I chose to become one because I wanted to be a role model for the kids and be there for them even if they don’t have somebody there when they get home.

What have been a few highlights of being a Big?

Keaton: Seeing all of the different kids in the morning and seeing smiling faces on all of them. I love to see them being happy when they look at me. I also enjoy them coming back from Christmas and telling me everything about that and what they got.

How has your relationship with your Littles changed you? How has it changed them?

Keaton: It has changed me by letting me know that I’m a positive role model for them and made me confident with what I do every day. It’s changed both of them by seeing me there for them and seeing me care for them. They can ask me anything or do anything and I will try my hardest to help them.

Vlad (Keaton’s Little) enjoys hanging out with Keaton, having him as a friend. John (Keaton’s Little) thinks Keaton is really cool and fun to play games with.