Creating Memories as a BIG

How long have you been a Big?

Katie: I have been a Big for five years.

Why did you chose to become a Big?

Katie: I heard a commercial on the radio and immediately knew it was something I wanted to do! I have always been very passionate about helping those in need - and BBBS is a great way to do that.

What have been a few highlights of being a Big?

Katie: Anytime she brings up an old memory of our time together is a huge highlight for me. To me, it means I'm making a difference and we're creating memories that will last a lifetime to her!

How has your relationship with your Little changed you?

Katie: It's made me a more caring and aware person of the needs of others. I have noticed how much little things mean to her, and it's encouraged me to do more for my community and those in need.

How has it changed your Little?

Katie: She has become a more comfortable and confident little girl! She KNOWS she has someone who believes in her and will encourage her to follow her dreams!