Paw Patrol Extravaganza Coming to Pike County

Pike County, IL: Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Illinois will be in Pike County for Paw Patrol Extravaganza on January 22nd. The event will take place in Pittsfield's Farm Bureau building at 1301 E Washington St. The event will feature three main characters of the television show: Chase, Marshall, and Skye. There will also be activities available including arts and crafts, and table games! The Pittsfield Humane Society and Police Department will also be set up at the event and partaking in the fun!

We are currently taking ticket reservations for 2:30-4:00 PM, as the first time slot from 1:00-2:30 PM has already sold out. Tickets are $10/person. You have a few options as to how to obtain tickets. Interested attendees may send us a Facebook message, or a message through our website to reserve tickets, OR people can visit our website store to purchase and download their tickets in the chance they want to give them as Christmas gifts.

Andrea Murray, program manager of Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Illinois stated “Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-for profit agency that relies strictly on fundraising, grants, and private donations.  That's why events like the "Paw Patrol Extravaganza" are so important to our agency, fundraisers like these allow us to continue our mentoring programs in West Central Illinois.”

Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Illinois Cindy Denby said “Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Illinois is changing lives of children. Our children's opportunity for success increases by 80 percent in areas such as graduation, less likely to use drugs or alcohol, and joining the work force. We strive to make our children's lives better one match at a time.” 

Ryan Flynn, fundraising and social media coordinator of Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Illinois, loves to bring new events to communities. Referring to the organization as a whole, Flynn stated, "This year, we won the Pinnacle Award for being among the best, most efficient, and life-impacting Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in the nation. But we need help in continuing that success. It takes approximately $1,000 to take a child through the entire match process, and get them a big brother or big sister. That is where these fundraisers come in and play a crucial role in the continued commitment to our community's youth."

Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Illinois is a youth-mentoring non-profit service organization that provides ongoing supportive services to children in need of a mentor. Visit for more information.